The Books


Stan started writing his ‘desktops’ in 1993 and was surprised to learn that this became known as a blog. He had no idea that he was writing blogs before they were invented.

They were published on the AdWeb Website (adweb.co.uk) as a bit of light relief for users who are primarily advertising agencies crunching numbers to create schedules of regional newspapers in which to advertise. Each, ‘desktop’ was written to be read in a couple of minutes over coffee (or tea or indeed any other beverage). Although numbers remain Stan’s primary focus, he occasionally drifts into other areas which he thinks may be of interest to readers.

Stan’s readers though have been clamouring for years (according to Stan) for him to reproduce his ‘desktops’ in book form. So, he has finally relented.

All the information in the book is correct as far as Stan can check at the time of writing. Bear in mind that he started his, ‘desktops’ in 1993, and times have moved on, so some of the costs now look cheap. If only we could have our income of today with the prices of a quarter of a century ago…..

The desktops are presented in the order they were published on the Website. They were not published on a regular basis – just when he had assembled enough material for a brief break from that four letter word – work.



Who is Stan? He is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma (another of Winston Churchill’s pearls of wisdom but said about Russia not Stan). Actually, it doesn’t matter who he is. Just enjoy his ramblings, meanderings and wistful observations along with the numbers themselves. Hopefully, these will bring a few smiles and provoke a few thoughts.

He apologises in advance for any breach of copyright. These days, it’s difficult to discover the source of the material he is sent.