Fascinating Facts and Figures

by Stan the Statistician


Stan has been blogging since before blogs were invented and he has been bullied, nagged and pestered into publishing his blogs in book form.

Ideal as a stocking filler for Christmas or light reading on the beach or in the bathroom.


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Volume 1

How can a minute equal 86 seconds?
Is it really safer to drive when drunk?
Are you a Virgo from Birmingham who drives a green car?
84% of women would like to marry a workaholic
Francis Bacon died stuffing snow into a chicken
New Year’s Day is on January 13th in parts of the UK
Ten Ways to Live Longer
Can there really be seven prime meridians?
Why was no one born in England on 3 September 1752?

Volume 2

Strange deaths
Mathematical oddities
There are more homeless charities than homeless people in London
Did Henry VIII really have six wives?
Countries the UK has not yet invaded
How big is Santa’s sleigh?
Which car can reach 386 mph in 3.58 seconds?
Taxi drivers are required to have archery practice once a week
What are the ten ways you can be, ‘out’ at cricket?

Stan the Statistician

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